[Resolved] Getting HTTP Status 404 – Report Administration link - on QA-Sever

Hello Guys, While working on [QFU-12] Reports - OpenMRS Issues am getting HTTP Status 404 on the Report Administration link …https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/module/reporting/reports/manageReports.form… and this is cutting across all Reporting Link like the Report Dashboard

@sharif @kdaud @dkayiwa - any way through…:confused:

@jonathan am getting this

@jonathan i may have used the wrong path to get the output above. Kindly if you don’t mind share the steps you followed to reproduce the error.

@jwnasambu try https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/module/reporting/reports/manageReports.form

Kindly what are the steps you followed? I have failed to reproduce the error.

@jwnasambu Kindly

  1. Enter https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/

  2. Click on System Administration

  3. Click on Advanced Administration

  4. In the Analysis & Reporting Section

  5. Click on * Report Administration

That is the Error

@jonathan Thanks so much! it has really helped. I have been able to reproduce the error.

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@dkayiwa mentioned on today’s call that is fixing the issues in the qa instance.

@jonathan for now you can use a local instance for your use case.

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thanks, @kdaud

@jonathan can you test again?

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Thanks @dkayiwa its up and running …perfectly

@dkayiwa . Thanks for fix, Wondering what caused the breakage. Does this also solve the issue reported in refapp.

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@sharif take a look at the commit on the reporting module. You can follow the ticket for more details about the fix.


Thanks @dkayiwa , i had a glance at the ticket.