Resigning my position/role effective immediately

I am no longer on the infra team, monitoring helpdesk, nor am I on-call.

I am in the process of revoking all of my access. There’s some stuff that has to be done by others. I destroyed the ssh keys which I used to access the servers.

@r0bby have you trained anyone to handle what you have been doing, or possibly your sure there is someone who knows better

Nope. I have not. There’s documentation for everything, though, I’m a volunteer, I’m under zero obligation to do anything.

I understand but i hope this will not create a negative impact (setback) on the progress of the activities of the community. but i personally i appreciate the work you do on infrastructure.


It might, it might not. I don’t know. I guess it’s up to whoever decides to lead the team.

i hope it doesn’t. Thank you for the time you have been leading the team

I don’t know what happens from here.

@r0bby, I really appreciate all the work that you have done on the Infrastructure team. You’ve been a big presence here, and you’ve really taken on a lot of the weight of infrastructure management over the last months. That means a lot to us, and your efforts will be missed!

There are other members of the infrastructure team who do know how to manage our infrastructure, and also take turns being on-call. But @r0bby’s was really taking on a lot of the weight, and we will definitely need to look to people to step up and help out with some of the tasks he was previously doing!

You can expect a longer post about how we can work together to fill that gap going forwards, from other members of the infrastructure and community leadership teams. But I would guess not until next week…


Thank you @darius.

Going forward, the only people on-call are @maany @pascal – and I speak from personal experience, it takes a toll on you – being on-call constantly. Not necessarily the work itself, just not being able to disconnect. We need more people willing to do that, BUT you need to be experienced as we no data backups – so if you screw up, there’s no way to fix it.


@r0bby I share the same sentiments as @darius. I hope that you are doing okay. I know how hard you have been working on the infrastructure team, and it is much appreciated. It’s been a difficult couple of months for you with having to carry most of the load, and I’ve heard from a lot of people about how much they see that and appreciate it. I’m sure the new people on the infrastructure team will have questions for you if you are willing to transfer some of your knowledge. Thanks again for all of your hard work.


Thank you @r0bby for all your hard work, especially over the past few months… you took on much more than could be expected of a single volunteer during that time, and I know it wasn’t easy.



Robby, thanks for all that you have done for the community and to keep things running. Your commitment to the OpenMRS community and the people that we serve has been amazing.


Hey Robby. Thank you for all the time & effort you’ve volunteered on the infra team supporting the community!

@r0bby thanks again for the amazing work you have done for the community as a volunteer with our infra team. Some times i could wonder whether you even get time to sleep! For you always were available whenever needed. We shall always miss you, and wish you the best in your next assignments!!!

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Hey @r0bby, sorry to hear about your decision. You’ll be missed. Thanks for all your efforts and dedication to the OpenMRS community! Hope to see you around!

@r0bby thanks for all the hard work and contributions to the OpenMRS community, you’ll be missed .

Thank You Robby,for your contributions to the community at large

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It was the community that kept me going – the awesome people in the field who rely on our infra running. It wasn’t enough for the long-term though.