Requirements for Installation

I am trying to setup openmrs as a trial system to see if it will meet our requirements. I have tried the Standalone install, and that worked fine.

Now I am trying a complete installation. Following the Implementation instructions in the Wiki. I am using a Windows Server 2012R2 running on Hyper-v

Java JRE 7u80 Tomcat 6.0.29 MySQL 5.7.20

When I deploy the .war file, it is copied, the directory is created and unpacked, but it doesn’t show in the manager. Cannot access the virtual directory.

I had previously tried Java JRE 9.01 Tomcat 8.5.23 MySQL 5.7.20

This allowed me to deploy the .war and access the site, but adding the modules from the reference application caused loads of Java errors.

Could some one please clarify the components required, and also update the wiki on this point, since it looks out of date.

Thanks Derek

Which exact version of OpenMRS are you trying to install?

The ones under the download option. Platform 2.0.5 Reference Application 2.6.1


That one requires Java 8