Requesting to link the BuiltIn Reports OWA with OpenMRS Bintray account


I am waiting for the release of Built-in reports OWA version 1.0.0 release. I have completed the requirements for the release, and released the OWA in the GitHub. As @raff said, it will automatically pused to the Bintray OpenMRS account. But still I can’t see any OWAs listed in the Bintray (See here).

  1. The OWA repository is configured with bintray.json without any issues (See here)
  2. I can build the OWA without any issues during the release time (So no errors for the build)
  3. Travis also mentioned in the CI as (See here),
 Deploying application
 [Bintray Upload] Reading descriptor file: bintray.json
 [Bintray Upload] Publishing version '1.0.0' of package 'openmrs-owa-builtinreports'...
 [Bintray Upload] Bintray response: 200 OK.

But I couldn’t see the released version of the OWA in the OpenMRS Bintray account. Can some one please help me to release this OWA?

Did you get a chance to see this and follow the listed steps?

Thanks @dkayiwa for the information.

Since all the builds as passed and the got the success response from the bintray through Travis. But I couldn’t see the OWA listed in the OpenMRS Bintray/owa/builtin-reports.

I think, I just missed this part as mentioned in the documentation.

Once you make the first release you are welcome to apply for your OWA to be listed under among other OWAs for better recognition within the OpenMRS community. Simply ask for your OWA to be linked on Bintray by posting to Repo Management on Talk. Don’t forget to include its Bintray URL in your post.

So can you please help me to link this OWA with the OpenMRS Bintray account?

Bintray URL :


@sumangala28 those instructions refer to the case where you have already uploaded an owa/omod to your own bintray account, and you want it to be linked to OpenMRS so it’s also listed in OpenMRS. In this case I see that there’s already a folder/repo created in the OpenMRS account so those instructions don’t apply.

Who would be doing future development on this project? (I see that it’s going to be included in the refapp…)

Hi @darius

I have manually uploaded the OWA under my Bintray account. See here : But Couldn’t link under the OpenMRS Bintray Account.

Who would be doing future development on this project? (I see that it’s going to be included in the refapp…)

I would like to do the future development on this project as well :slight_smile:

I have tried to link your OWA under the OpenMRS OWA account. But it linked with a different package name(“openmrs-owa-builtinreports-sumangala”) since already there was a repository created as “openmrs-owa-builtinreports”. So It can’t link your repository with your OWA package name. See here

So the options to get this work would be,

  1. Need to delete that repository under OpenMRS/OWA account, and then try to link your account. Then only it will use the same package name while creating the link.
  2. Use the official OpenMRS account for your release. For that, you may need to get the access from the OpenMRS Bintray Account(You can contact via Helpdesk)

For now, I have just uploaded your version 1.0.0(got it from your link provided above) under the OpenMRS/OWA Bintray Account. So now you can get it from here :slight_smile:.

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Thank you @suthagar23 for the help :slight_smile: