Requesting OpenMRS GitHub organization access

Hello All,

I am Sri Maurya Kummamuru and I am the release manager for OpenMRS 2.2. I would be needing access rights to OpenMRS account in github to commit code and create a tag/branches. I have read in the wiki through a previous topic that I would be needing to mail code■■■■■■■■■■■■ to request privileges and mention a existing committer as a sponsor. Is the process I mentioned correct? if yes can I include any existing committer as a sponsor?

–Thank you, Sri Maurya Kummamuru

Releasing OpenMRS 2.2 is only going to require releasing modules (and not branching/tagging openmrs-core). So as long as you have “partial committer” access, that’s sufficient.

(Generally we’re shifting from the “partial committer” / “full committer” distinction to the developer levels that Burke has been talking about. I don’t know if we have a documented process for who get push rights to openmrs-core yet…)


According to it requires a /dev/4 or higher.

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Yes, After the design call I understood that I wont be needing to change any code and pushing them. I am not sure if I have the partial commit access but I don’t think i would be needing them too for this release.

thanks for the reply :smile:

You are going to need to have access to to run the releases.

For example here is the “release to maven” play icon clickable? (Don’t click it!)

If not, request this from helpdesk■■■■■■■■■■■■

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Yes, you are right I don’t have access to Thank you Darius!!


Let me know if you find any drama when doing the releases. You might want to take a look in first.


Thank you @cintiadr !, definitely will bug you if i’m stuck!