Request to use any of OpenMRS pending/unassigned projects for my System Project Course Unit.

Hello @grace @jennifer @ibacher @dkayiwa @bistenes

I am a finalist(second-last semester) of my Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering at Bugema University in Uganda.
This semester, I am offering Systems Project as one of my course units, which requires us to solve any real-world problem using IT.

OpenMRS has a number of Archived Projects, Unassigned Projects and Active Projects that can best fit the requirements of the Systems Project Course Unit.

I am strongest in Java-Spring and ReffApp 2.X, though, I try some JavaScript and Python.

Since i have strong love for adventure, i would wish to get a project or ticket(medium → high) in OpenMRS 3.0 that is worth presenting at the end of the semester(roughly early May). If this ain’t simple to get, then I can go in for any Java-based project in any of the existing projects out there.

I humbly request to kindly be guided on which project is still of great need to the community

Warm regards, Joshua

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This project (converting the LegacyUI admin functions into microfrontends) is something that’s more in the “nice-to-have” rather than “need-to-have” category. I setup an outline repo to build such functionality in, but any of the sub-projects of that project could be very useful additions. We also need some kind of administrator landing page.

Of course, there are no designs for how it should look, but since it’s an administrative UI, UX isn’t necessarily the most important.

This will give you something that’s presentable (i.e., you can take screenshots) unlike some of the more plumbing-oriented projects I could suggest. It is, however, highly TypeScript-oriented.


Thank you so much @ibacher for this

This is a good project and am going to develop a business case for it using the relevant information and later share it with the lecturer.

I will use this thread to share feedback, tracking progress and asking questions.

Thank you so much