Request for OpenMRS University Call!


I am new to OpenMRS and I have a lot of doubts regarding sending and receiving HL7 messages from OpenMRS. Could some tell me about the status of the call this week? If there is no call this week, then could someone kindly volunteer to mentor me this week during the call!

Thanks in advance!

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I can take up the role of the teacher, if you go ahead and organize for the call!

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@ssemakadde was just recently looking for topics, so I think it should work out fine. Let’s see what he says regarding the schedule.

@dkayiwa Thanks a lot!

Sowmya, in the meantime, this commit should guide you in regards to creating a new patient by posting an ADT_A28 HL7 message using the REST web services module.

@dkayiwa I don’t see any link to a commit in your message

Sorry i forgot to send it. :slight_smile: Here i send again:

@dkayiwa Thanks for all the help. I could successfully send HL7 messages to OpenMRS using the rest api.