Request for add FHIR module to CI

Hi All,

Recent few months FHIR module has actively in development and we are still doing several improvements for the FHIR module. On the other hand we are getting number of contributions from open source contributors and GSoC students as well. Currently we have done two releases for the module.

It would be really great if FHIR module can added to CI. Let me know how should I proceed with this.

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Thanks, Harsha


Given our ambitious aims for FHIR, its future with OpenMRS and the significant amount of work currently underway, I hope that @burke and @darius will support our efforts to add this to our CI process :smile:

+1 this will be part of the core platform at some point.

Let’s get it in CI now.

To get a JIRA project:

I’ve created a Bamboo plan. I literally opened a random plan (Allergy API), cloned (Create -> Clone plan), changed the repository, reviewed its variables. I’m assuming this module is not part of the refapp distro, the difference is explained in:

If you need access to Bamboo, create another case at


Ops, the link:

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Correct, this is not part of the refapp distro.

Thank you @cintiadr, this is great. BTW, @harsha89, the two of us might want to obtain permissions to access bamboo…