Request feature to hide empty rows/columns in ObsToObsFlowSheet

In ObsToObsFlowSheet display control, can we not display the empty rows/columns.

We don’t want to have Type of medication, Dose and frequency and Duration to be displayed as the values are empty.

@pramidat curious to understand this better. How does the configuration for this display control look like. I assume in the configuration these columns/concepts are explicitly specified. are you talking about hiding the columns or hiding the rows where these columns are empty? Wouldn’t this table contain multiple rows, with these columns being empty in some rows and not being empty in others? In that case hiding column won’t work. (having a separate thread for this would be better)

The configuration would be something like “hideEmptyRowsOrColumns”. Based on the pivoting of table, either rows or columns will be hidden if the whole row/column is empty. If atleast one value is present, we will not hide the row/column. For example, in the below Type of medication, Dose and frequency, Duration will be hidden.

and in the below, the empty rows like Description and duration of symptom (HEENT) will be hidden

@psaxena is coming up with a proposal document for this. We will create a new talk once it is done.

@pramidat @angshuonline @shruthipitta @darius @mksd @pkanchankar @arjun @binduak and others

Attached is the proposal document, please take a look at it and provide your comments.

Thank You

Also, scope key field is not working on ObsToObs flowsheet

[Talk Link] (Scope key field is not working on obsToObs Flowsheet)

@psaxena @pramidat

I agree that in case of conditional entry as in the Discharge medication above, it makes sense to hide the empty columns. In the case of the second screenshot where you are referring to " Description and duration of symptom HEENT", I am assuming is not conditional.

There could be cases where a clinician is looking to make some inferences from the table. In non conditional cases the empty cells could actually serve as a reminder that particular data has not been captured for a patient. By hiding the empty ones we are not helping them.

@sruti, In the case above, Description and duration of symptom HEENT is also conditional. In our implementation, it is preferred that those rows are hid as well. But you are right when you say that there could be cases where a clinical is looking to make some inference from the table, and in such cases we can turn off the configuration and that would not hide the empty records.

I would prefer to have two separate config settings for hideEmptyRows and hideEmptyColumns (both defaulting to false).

I agree that hiding empty rows often makes sense and increases readability.

Looking at your example for hiding columns, though, if you have a table that will look like either one of these depending on what data is filled out: image image

…I think this reduces readability in the big picture, because this will prevent a frequent user of the system from getting used to a particular table working in a particular way. Your example with the removed columns may look nicer when you’re looking at just one, but it’s worse if you’re looking at 20 patients.

(I’m not opposed to supporting a “hide empty columns” feature if you want to do this, I’d just advise you not to use it in this case.)

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@darius If we have two configurations ‘hideEmptyRows’ and ‘hideEmptyColumns’, these both will be mutually exclusive based on the pivoting of table. We can’t hide rows, if the pivot is on Row and we can’t hide columns if the pivot is on columns. So, I think one configuration is enough. In the above example, the pivot is on Row. There is no possibility of having empty rows. So, only empty columns can be hidden.

@pramidat and what determines/configures if the pivot is on rows or columns?

@mksd, there is a config for this display control called “pivotOn” and the possible values are row or column