Reporting module: How to display row numbers?


I was wondering if in the Reporting module there is an existing Data Definition (or anything else - like a build in report utility) that could let me display the row number.

| Row Number  | VisitID | Patient Name   |
|         1   | 45      |   ថេ​​​ង​​​​​​​​ ហស     |
|         2   | 49      |   ផ្នព  ចខ      |
|         ... | ...     |   ...          |



@mksrom - the only place where I can recall having built this in is within specific renderers - mainly in the ExcelTemplateRenderer and TextTemplateRenderer. If you search for “rowNum” in the codebase I think you’ll find these.

What kind of a renderer are you using for your reports?

Not sure exactly what will be my output format yet. For now I use the CSV format.

I haven’t dug into Renderers yet. Thanks for pointing me to the right example, I will need to research on this and come back to you with my questions :wink: