Reporting Module - Custom Date Widgets for Mapping to Parameters

@mseaton I am looking for options to add custom date parameters and map them to my reports. These include:

  1. Month & Year - ability to select the month, then turn into a start date of the first day of the month, and an end date of the last date of the month

  2. Quarter and Year - ability to select a quarter of a year then turn it into a start date (first day of the quarter) and end date (last day of the quarter)

@ssmusoke, yes I would love to have this feature too. The easiest solution is to make this simply a UI problem (eg. the report parameters remain startDate and endDate, but a custom widget can submit values to these by providing a custom selector). Happy to brainstorm, but feel free to suggest something based on the UI technology you are using. This kind of thing is done by various implementations that I know of, but they have typically built custom UIs for the purpose…

@mseaton I agree this should simply be a UI problem, and my thinking is that there needs to be a framework to allow the use of different widgets to provide the necessary parameters - start Date and end Date.

When do you have some time to talk this over?

Can you also point me to any examples of custom built UI’s so that I can get a sense of how to approach this problem.