Replacing SessionFactory with DBSessionFactory

Hallo Community in reference to I have been tirelessly working around the clock to introduce DBSessionFactory( and replace SessionFactory as required at

However before that is introduced ,MetaDataDeploy Module’( CoreConstructors has to be edited and updated with any class missing in the module but resident in the Openmrs core API.

I have noticed we cannot directly import DbSessionFactory into CoreConstructors because it’s missing , it also lacks the necessary Mutator methods that’s required to set it in CoreConstructors just like all the other objects so far introduced, as required at

I tried to change the pom.xml and config.xml introduced the DBSessionFactory as at

but still getting this Any hints on how to go around this?

@dkayiwa @mseaton

Can you do a pull request with changes that lead to this error?

@dkayiwa i pulled a request at Please check it out …Issues with travis

Take a look at this commit for an example of how you should deal with this:

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Alright thank you very much