replace use of Context.getService with dependencies and injection

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while working on addition of missing tests one encounters a lot of Context.getXxxService like for example here:

This has as multiple side effects:

  • its a pain to write a unit tests since you need to use PowerMockRunner to mock the static Context see example of PatientServiceImplTest
  • if you write unit tests using PowerMockRunner it will not show up in coverage due to a limitation in PowerMockRunner/Jacoco see
  • since its hard, devs tend to just write/add tests to the BaseContextSensitive test classes, even if you just test simple cases where no DB is needed. This makes our builds take longer than needed
  • I also find a number of services that do not declare other services they need as field, so dependencies are hidden. !!!this sometimes masks cyclic dependencies!!!

Question: Is there any reason we are doing this other than historical bad practice? Is it related to transactions, that when you call another service from a service you want it to be within the same transaction? Because this should already work.


  • clean up our Services and declare all services that are needed as fields and let spring inject them
  • create unit test classes using BaseContextMockTest and transition tests that do not need a DB, like throw APIException if given null, … over to those, so in the end we are left with unit tests & integration tests
  • update maven poms so devs can run unit tests only to speed up development

Besides getService is synchronized thus very slow! I’d prioritize fixing the implementation to get rid of synchronization.

The pattern is often used when you want to call a service method and run all AOPs from a different method in the same service see e.g. here.

I agree it should be avoided whenever possible. However, there are some places where it’s handy, thus Spring has ApplicationContext.getBean/getBeansOfType as well…

@teleivo your recommendations make a lot of sense! We could evaluate them and see the side effects. Hopefully we shall not get into issues like

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