Reopening ticket UCIM-66 on GitHub

My group and I are beginning work on the ticket “UCIM 66: Navigator “Confirm submission” screen displays all field separators, even if the fields are empty”. We know the previous contributor to this ticket, Ethan Penn, and determined that he will not continue work on it. Would @dkayiwa be able to open the issue again so we can begin development on it?

What is the ticket url?

The ticket url is"Ready%20for%20Work"%20ORDER%20BY%20created%20DESC

The ticket itself is open it just shows closed on the last pull request when you go to the pull request. We are just wondering if that needs to not say closed anymore in order to work on it or if we are can still work on it even though the last pull request says closed. @dkayiwa

Are you able to claim it now?

Yes, thank you!