Removing unnecessary dependencies

Since deprecated code has been removed from he platform, it means we might be having some dependencies that are no longer in use e.g simple framework, are there any objections to this?


I think it would be a very good thing if (as part of the general cleanup and removal of deprecated methods we’re doing in Platform 2.0) we also remove old JAR dependencies that we aren’t significantly using in openmrs-core.

Some things should be completely removed (e.g. simpleframework, which we were going to use as an XML mapping framework for OCC, but this was never completed, and we shifted to using xstream for XML mapping).

Some things should be moved to the legacyui module (e.g. jstl, standard taglibs).

Personally I would love it if we can spend some time figuring out just how much we can remove. E.g. does the OpenMRS require velocity in the API layer, for example? (Multiple modules use it, and it would be problematic to remove; my main point is that we should try to prune more, not less.)