Removing file references from printed registration documents

A number of the documents that are printable on the registration screen contain a date and file file reference in the header and footer margins.

Is there a way to remove this?

Hi @mafrica, Please check the html files in the given links to change the text in Header and footer of the print pages.

You can find these files at /var/www/bahmniconfig/openmrs/apps/registration location in Bahmni server.

Thank you but it seems it is not the html file that does this.

This simple html produces a header a footer that does not exist in the file:

Some information

The css contains an @page with margins broad enough to accommodate the text. If I narrow the margins then the text disappears.

I deduce that there is some outer function that is implanting the header and footer text.

My snag is that I would like the margins to be broad and clean.

Here is the page with the header and footers implanted:

print with head and foot.pdf (21.2 KB)