Remove word 'patients' from result of reports created with cohort crosstab dataset

I’m trying to remove the word ‘patients’ from reports created with the cohort crosstab dataset as shown below

We just need the numbers. So instead of ‘340 patients’ we need something like 340.

@dkayiwa I’ve gone ahead and created a simple cohort dataset report at I named it ‘My test report’. When you run the report and view it, you’ll see this output

@ivange94. You could do one of the following:

  • Suggest the change in a ticket and issue a pull request to change this in, line 363
  • Use a different renderer (eg. write a custom Web Renderer that has different behavior)
  • Use a different type of Data Set (eg. a CohortIndicatorDataSetDefinition or a CohortIndicatorAndDimensionDataSetDefinition)


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Sorry for responding to this late. We just wrote a custom renderer. Thought I had responded to until it appeared in my searches.