Remove program.concept, workflow.concept, and state.concept; add name and description property to workflow and state

Hi All,

I was thinking of taking up the $title as my next project. Since I don’t have an understanding regarding the code base, I was just wondering if this is an OK task for a beginner. Please do let me know, then I’ll start reading on the issue and see how I can help.

Regards, Dulvin

hello @dulvinw do u mind sharing here the link to the ticket or issue that your working on.

have you also gone through these steps to get a quick guide on the tasks available for the beginners

Hi @gcliff, Yes I have read those. is the link for the issue.

@dulvinw the ticket requires knowledge of the core code base, have u read through the comments on the ticket for more insight on this?

you need to read about liquibase and how its used in openmrs coz am seeing a need to add and drop some fields in the respective domains mentioned in the ticket description and comments made