remove deprecated wiki pages


The wiki contains quite an amount of pages with outdated content and I think we should delete or at least hide old pages if the wiki has this feature.

Would be great if people would post pages here that are definitely not needed anymore so we can reduce the number of pages, which will help in keeping the ones we need up to date.

I think these ones can safely be deleted:

Maybe these ones can be transferred under a “History - Subversion” page with a big red banner of little explaination that this was some time ago and does not need to be read by new devs:

Rather than listing pages here, how about labeling pages with something like “outdated” or “archive” or “delete-page”? If your logged into the wiki, all you have to do is press the L key on a page to add a label.

Then you could easily search for pages by label or have a clean up page that includes one or more lists of pages to be reviewed for cleanup (using an embedded macro to list pages by label).


Love it! Thats how I’ll do it. Thank you very much!

Marked some pages that I think should be deleted and added them via their labels to this page

Could others please have a look so we can delete or move them out of sight :slight_smile:

Did you intentionally include this among those to be deleted?

yes, migration to git was done a long time ago (August 2012).

do you mean because there is some github info in there? isnt that all in here

I personally used it when migrating some modules from svn to git. Do we still have that info on the new page?