Remove 'Caste' field in Registration Form


Since in India, caste is a very sensitive issue, so it is a suggestion if we could remove the caste field from the registration form, since any economic benefits given by the government will depend on the Class (GEN/SC/OBC/ST) and not the basis of the Caste.
Also, the caste of the patient might lead to an inherent bias in the minds of some doctors. And if for some statistical analysis, we want to have the Caste field, then we should ensure that the Caste field is visible to only the Admin and not the doctors.

@teleivo @darius @mksd @sruti Could you please review this issue so that I can go ahead with creating the JIRA ticket?

I think these are patient attribute types which can be configured in OpenMRS.

Hi @japleen, the registration app in Bahmni can be configured extensively to suit an implementation’s needs. The caste field is included by default, along with several other patient attributes, but these can be customised through configuration, by adding, removing or updating OpenMRS person attributes, and/or adding field validation options (e.g. mandatory fields, value restrictions, show/hide, autocomplete etc.) to the Bahmni config files.