Remote debugging?

Host OS - Windows 10. Soft links established: default-config and bahmniapps We did sudo service openmrs stop sudo service openmrs debug and in vagrantfile :forwarded_port, guest: 8000, host: 8000 Are there instructions about how to start debugging using Visual Studio 2015?

Hi ramashish,

Any specific omod that you want to debug ? or you want to do javascript code debugging ?

Javascript code debugging

For javascript code debugging, openmrs can run in normal mode(debug mode is not necessary, however it doesn’t cause any harm if it is in debug mode). Please refer to the sources section in the following link.

After inspecting element you can open any javascript file under sources, enable break points and debug.

Thank you. I could use this option (Chrome DevTools) and set breakpoint. Is there any other way to use Visual Studio or any other IDE for debugging of Javascript code?

please see if the below helps.