REMINDER: OpenMRS 2.2 All Hands on Deck Event

Hello All,

OpenMRS 2.2 was scheduled to be released on March 31st, release notes here However due to the amount of bugs found during testing the release has been pushed back until we can get some of the issues worked out. To help work through these bugs we have setup an “All Hands on Deck” testing period for today, similar to a Hackathon.

The details of the event are:

What: OpenMRS 2.2 Testing Sprint

When: 11AM- 1PM EDT, 6th April,2015

Who is Invited: Anyone who can spare the time to help Test OpenMRS 2.2 (Do not have to be a developer)

*Where: *

(It will be coordinated in the Adobe Connect Link mentioned above but, the Testing would happen in the UAT server: login: admin password: Admin123 session location: any)

Please join the event and help get OpenMRS 2.2 released as soon as possible!

Thanks you,

Jamie Thomas

(on behalf of Sri Maurya Kummamuru, OpenMRS 2.2 Release Manager)

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