Reloading page does not update changes in owa development

I’ve scaffolded an application using the OpenMRS OWA Generator. I’ve built and deployed using the instructions here and I’m also watching the the project for changes using the watch command. But every time I make a change and reload the browser I don’t see any changes. I’d have to open a new window in incognito before I can see my changes. This takes a lot of time in my development as I’d have to close the current incognito window, open a new one, login, then navigate the OWA module then my app before I can see any changes.

I’m on macOS Sierra, I’ve tested this on both Google Chrome and Opera but I still get the same results.

Right now the live reload does not work completely even after starting a new incognito window. Even building and redeploying does not make show any changes in the browser.

cc @pascal

Hi @ivange94, 1). On google chrome, please open the browser console then press and hold the refresh button, then select the Empty cache and hard reload option.

2). To use live reload ensure it is running on the port displayed on your npm run watch terminal and not the OpenMRS Tomcat server port it’s proxying with.

Thanks for this option. This option works sometimes and other times it doesn’t but don’t know why.

The port displayed by npm run watch loads for ever and later show page is not working.

Ok @ivange94, Those are the two ways I deal with the OWA caching issues. cc @upendo @kingisaac95 @millicent Do you have any suggestions here?

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Clear cash and hard reloading works. Looks like I have to wait about 2 minutes before reloading. But I still can’t get the port displayed by npm to work. It loads for ever. Thanks.

Okay, @ivange94 Is the codebase you’re working with on Github, let me see if I can check it out on my end.

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It’s basically a fresh app scaffolded with owa-generator with no major changes yet. Here is a link to the app