Releasing OpenMRS Platform 1.11 after 1.10 will be out!

Acknowledging that OpenMRS 1.10 is about to be released and yet after it comes OMRS 1.11. Before the official release of OpenMRS 1.11 we call for your feedback as our wonderful implementers. :slight_smile: Is there any one here who does not want to miss a certain ticket(s) in our next version or release after 1.10 that’s to say OpenMRS 1.11 ? In-case you are there, please rouse the developer (contributor) that is working on that particular ticket(s) to finish it(them) before this promising release!!! and in-case it has no one assigned to it, please feel free to mention the ticket here so that someone can easily locate and pick it up when there’s still some time towards the release.

regards k-joseph

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Perhaps a link to tickets currently targeted for inclusion in 1.11 and/or a link to a list of tickets that could be included in 1.11 if there was enough interest would help. I presume that a tickets that are yet to be designed, yet to be worked on, or is currently being worked on are not candidates for inclusion in 1.11.

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