Release process - Platform 2.3

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@ruhanga I will try to not forget, but if I do please don’t hesitate to remind me to document the wiki about the support for alternate authentication schemes.

Ref: TRUNK-381

Thanks for the heads up @gcliff . You can watch for more upcoming issues to fix and updates on progress @here and don’t hesitate to take on any other task you are comfortable with.

Thank you @mksd. I will ping you for a reminder.

@ruhanga When will you have your first Release meeting ?

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Thank you @c.antwi, I am designing a schedule for the meetings around the release process that will take place atleast every once a week. Since this has’t been part of the recent past experiences of release managers, I will update our events calendar with effect from next week to reflect these meetings so community input can be leveraged as much as possible towards the final release.

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@ruhanga any progress on designing the meetings shedule?

Hi I believe the meeting is scheduled for 6pm UTC this evening?

@mozzy, there is going to be a design call today at 9:00pm EAT to discuss Platform performance improvements. You are welcome to join. Please also note that release process discussions have a time slot during the Office Hours on Wednesday 3:00pm - 5:00pm EAT (12pm - 2pm UTC). You are welcome as well to join every week at that time.

Best regards


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Hi @ruhanga

Could I please get an update on activities for this Release:

  1. Activities for the week
  2. Blockers
  3. Mitigation plan
  4. Proposed activities for the next week .

Kindly note you will need to present this at the next PM call on Monday



Thank you very much @c.antwi. Sorry for the delayed response.

This is the summary of the current release process activities currently.

1. Activities for the past week have been around figuring potential library versions to be upgraded to for the different libraries that Platform depends on. Here is a google sheet with potential libraries to upgrade. The Apache velocity engine library is already being worked on.

2. No blockers currently

3. Determine what library upgrades get precedence.

4. This weeks activities include having tasks curated to upgrade the chosen libraries.

@ruhanga though you can do this yourself, but as the release manager, you could simply mobilise community resources to do those things. That way, the whole burden does not fall on you.


Thank you very much @dkayiwa for the kind advise. :slight_smile:

@ruhanga Could you provide us with a Release schedule indicating which module/ feature is being working on when? We have about 6 weeks till the completion of the release cycle, meaning that all works should be completed at the latest 24th May 2019.

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Hi @c.antwi, here is a resource page that tracks the details already .

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well done @ruhanga. though you should surely involve the whole community in geting this done as @dkayiwa suggests

Thank you @mozzy for the heads up :slight_smile:.

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With regards to upgrading the libraries at our last meeting we agreed the following with @burke:

  1. Review the palm file to understand which libraries should be updated. this review can be broken down into tickets that the community can participate.
  2. Another suggestion was to write a maven report which will produce a list of libraries that need updating
  3. Once we have the reviewed list we can then asses each library to know the breadth, depth and scope of what needs to be updated
  4. Determine a path on how to do the upgrade

cc @mozzy

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is it a palm file or pom file ??

@ruhanga, from your comment above you seem to have done some work around this. can you probably describe how far were you with that. unfortunately i have no acces to the google doc you shared above. i would have taken a look .

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Thank you very much @mozzy. Unfortunately I had forgotten to publicly share the doc. Sorry about that. You can try again and I believe you can now access the google sheet.

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