Release of Platform 1.11.7 with Ref App 2.5

I would like to suggest that for each Ref App release, platform releases also be made so that the Ref App is a self contained reproducible builds.

I raise my hand to release 1.11.7 to match the Ref App release

@ssmusoke, RefApp 2.5 runs on Platform 2.0.

@burke it also runs on 1.11.x. So why not have a consistent build for that too?

While 2.x may be the future Uganda shall run on 1.11.x for the next 3-5 years at least as its just being rolled out.

@ssmusoke do you mean a bamboo plan for it? Or do you mean something else? I do not seem to understand the conversation. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa I am talking about releasing Platform 1.11.7 along with the Ref App 2.5 so that there is a reproducible build of the Ref App running on it

All modules for the upcoming reference application 2.5 should be able to run on platforms 1.11.x and 1.12.x, apart from only the FHIR module which requires platform 2.0 If any module no longer runs on those platforms, please raise it up immediately. As for releasing platform 1.11.7, feel free to go ahead and do it as you volunteered for platform 1.11.6 :smile:

@ssmusoke RA 2.5 runs on Platform 2.0+, I can’t seem to understand the reason for trying to release 1.11.x along side it since they are not really related. @dkayiwa it isn’t exactly true that all modules for the upcoming RA 2.5 can run on older platform releases, in general most modules should be able to work, in fact off the top of my head I can only think of the legacyui and allergyui that wouldn’t work but legacyu isn’t needed for older versions anyways.

@wyclif The Uganda implementation runs on 1.11.x, and we would like to have a baseline with Ref App 2.5 modules (by the way they all run without issues), that we can work with.

Currently we are running a snapshot of 1.11.7 so this looks like a great opportunity to get a stable non-snapshot version which seems like an LTS equivalent.

Seems like allergyui actually can run on older versions, I see that the fhir module requires 2.0, but one can stop it since most likely nothing uses it in the RA.

I think along the lines of what @ssmusoke is saying, sounds to me that may be we can have a maintenance release of the 2.4 line that runs on 1.11.7

Alongside any RA release is a suit of modules that is distributed as a zip file, you can always take that and install them, if you want to have a reproduce-able build, I would assume that everybody creating their own custom distribution has some sort of version controlled distro project with where they can do that.

FWIW, when we were upgrading reference application modules to run on platform 2.0, we made it in such a way that the same modules should still work on older supported platform versions. So if any module stops from doing so, it should be reported as a bug to be fixed immediately. :smile:

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Take a step back and summarizing:

  • @ssmusoke, as we’ve discussed on some other threads, a Reference Application release is a specific OpenMRS version + specific module versions (thus Reference Application 2.5 = Platform 2.0 + …). All of OpenMRS’s processes, test scripts, etc, are built around this assumption, and we don’t have the resources or ability to officially support multiple platform versions for a RefApp release, and when you suggest having multiple “LTS equivalent” versions this scares me a bit.

  • As Daniel says, we do try to maintain compatibility across multiple versions. If a person, implementation, or distro has tested things out and wants to simultaneously release a maintenance version of a different platform branch alongside what’s being included in the RefApp release, that’s wonderful, and I strongly support it. (It will be “unofficial” in the sense that RefApp 2.5 = Platform 2.0 + …, but it’s still highly valuable.) Please do this!

  • Anyone (person, implementation, or distro) with the motivation is encouraged to do maintenance releases of the different platform release branches whenever is relevant to you in your context. @ssmusoke has done this for 1.11.x already, I think Bahmni did it a few times for 1.10.x, and PIH often did this for 1.9.x. We encourage this, and everyone should know that they’re welcome to do this, and all it requires is motivation and time.