Release by CI Bamboo overrides release version to SNAPSHOT

Hi all,

I’ve just wanted to release modules FHIR, Atomfeed and Sync 2.0. First what I did, was the release FHIR module. I set the maven.release.version to the 1.9.0 on the CI bamboo, removed HEAD tag from the pom.xml and run release stage. The release was done with version 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT. Could you tell me, what I did wrong?

cc: @raff, @cintiadr

Additionally, I can’t release Atomfeed module to version 1.0.1 and set new development version 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT, because of

Can someone help me with these problems?

cc: @raff, @cintiadr, @jslawinski

Made a few changes to your atomfeed module pom files and released version 1.0.2 from bamboo.

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After a number of attempts, i just released version 1.11.0 for the FHIR module, from bamboo. This turned out to be the culprit:

It’s awesome. Thank you @dkayiwa for your help :slight_smile: