Registration & Start OPD Visit - Issues

Hi all,

The Bahmni online demo produces error below;

  1. When you try to register a new patient it gives you “There was an unexpected issue on the server. Please try again”

  2. When you search for & locate an existing patient and attempt starting an OPD visit, it gives you “TEST Patient ID [Patient is missing the following required identifier(s): TEST Patient ID]”

Can you kindly check, fix & revert pls?

Thank you.

Best regards, Ekow.

Hi @ekowkoomson1,

Thanks for pointing out. We have fixed the issue. Demo is working fine now. We face these kind of issues once in a while if somebody does some configuration changes from OpenMRS UI (as they have admin privileges ) and daily database restore solves the issue. To know more about the server timezones and their db restore timings please check the below page.

Many thanks Himabindu!

I actually noticed the day after I posted the message that it was working fine but just so others who may run into such a challenge in the future know what to do, I decided to wait patiently for a response from the Bahmni team.

Moving forward, however, I’m wondering can we have users create their own accounts, which can inherit admin credentials if they so desire, and log on with same? That way other users won’t have to wait for the system to reset before they can proceed because someone made changes to the configuration in OpenMRS.

Thanks a bunch once again.