registration relationship bug

Hello everyone, i’m having a bug with the relationships part of the registration app. whenever i have to register a new patient, the default value of the relationship type and person name are the one of the previous relationship i have register. Here is an example:

You can see that i have two relations that have been added automatically. it looks like each time i add a relation, it appear in a new registration.

@k.joseph or @dkayiwa any idea?


are you able to reproduce that at

HI @herbert24?

there is no problem when i use the demo version.

not yet sure i understand the problem rightly, can you also define your system, any additional tools or customisation of registration app?

Hi @k.joseph , The system is openmrs 2.3 with reference application 2.10 , mysql 5.7 and tomcat 7. At first i thought i had the issue because i made some changes in ref app, core apps. So i re-install everything from scratch and i’m still having the same problem. Let me explain.

Let’s say i register patient1 and then patient2. when registering patient2, i create this relation:

Now when i go to register patient3 i get this by default:

Normally it was supposed to empty like this:

and the more i add relationships the more they appear in the next registration.