Registration page visit detail form

I have setup a concept set and added it to bahmni registration/extention.json for it to be display as a visit form. Which works but every time a visit is opened for a patient the form has to be refilled. I want a that form to be set once for every patient. I don’t want to implement it on patient registration page either. is there a way i can implement that

AFAIK, A form associated with a visit, needs to be filled for every visit… since its at a “visit” level. You could probably pull historical data on load of the form and set it to original values, as default. Or, maybe make it a normal “Obs form”, and once its filled, show its data in relevant places in Bahmni (and not use Visit Form).

The other thing people do is use Patient Document upload to upload Patient specific data (but then it shows up in View mode only, not as individual field values).

Most times, people use Visit Forms, but don’t fill it for “returning patient”, and only fill it for First time patients (in which case the fields should not be marked as mandatory).

cc: @akhilmalhotra @deepthi - any thoughts?

Hi @yohannes.suraphel I feel if we need a form which is optional I mean we intend to fill the form only on need basis then we could create a form in implementer interface and add that respective JSON under clinic-config/bahmniforms folder so that the form would be present under clinical -->observations–>Addnewobsform(button).And we can fill it only when required .see if this helps

Yes @deepthi that would make more sense