Registration Fee based on patient concept


I have added a dropdown field during patient registration.


Patient Type : - General - with Insurance


  • when patient type is “general” then 50,000 will be set automatically as registration fee
  • When patient type is “with insurance” then 35,000 will be set automatically as registration fee.

Can I achieve the above through configuration ? if yes how ? If lets say its not possible to set 2 different fees, how do I set the field to lets say fixed amount and read only ?

Hi @abiieez, There is a feature in Bahmni called Auto Calulation of Observations to auto calculate but auto populate doesn’t happen with this. With some logic written in custom Groovy file we can automatically add Registration Fee. Pointing you to this to see if you want to try this option. The second approach that you want to try is setting default fee and making it read only. This is achievable using the Defaults Feature in combination with Concept of Class Computed in Bahmni. Please follow the below steps.

Read about ConceptSetUI in Bahmni WIKI.