registration app.json doesnt show any changes after refreshing the browser in bahmni

os: centos

Version Number: 2.1.1

Question: All right i wanted to change some fields in the bahmni registration form. changes were default value for the patient identifier and i wanted to remove middle name of the patient. i changed them by using vi app.json command and edited the changes i wanted. after that i went to the browser and refreshed but i couldn’t see any changes. it same as before editing the code! Do notice that i followed the bahmni community youtube videos of how they changing the labels by editing the app.json. i stopped and restarted openmrs service but still same. i am waiting for a solution.

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While accessing the registration screen, keep the chrome dev tools open and check if your changes in the registration/app.json is reflected.

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ok guys somehow i managed to resolve this ! i was using this on a wrong server i

Hi @alexie666, is this /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/app.json the correct path