Registration App configuration queries

Hi I have few questions regarding the configuration of bahmni registration app.

  1. I want to add “Registration date” as the first field before Patient Identifier, is it possible? how?

  2. Is it possible to rename the Patient Identifier field? how?

  3. How to set the default value of Registration date to today’s date and make it non-editable?

  4. I can see that we can show/hide sections based on attribute conditions, Is it possible to show/hide a field based on attribute conditions? for example if patient consent is available, only then ask for contact number and sms language?

  5. I want to hide the Address Information (see image below), as address details are not needed

  6. In the same image above, one can see two sections named “Additional Patient Information”. However, following is my app.json for section configuration:

             "patientInformation": {
                 "additionalPatientInformation": {
                 "title": "Additional Patient Information",
                 "attributes": [
     "Otherinformation" : {
         "title": "Other Information",
                 "attributes": [
             "hidden": {
                 "attributes": [
             "defaults":  {
     			"dateofenrollment": ""

I have changed section titles several time but no change is reflecting. Even cleared the browser cache, restarted the browser and checked on different browser as well.

Hi @wasim,

  1. On the registration date : Bahmni automatically calculates the registration date and defaults it to today. See the below snapshot. You don’t have to create a separate patient attribute to capture this details.

  1. For renaming the Patient Identifiers : Navigate to OpenMRR admin and select “Manage Identifier Types”. Select “Patient Identifier” from the list and rename it. See the below images for reference :

Patient Identifier changed to Patient Id:

  1. For hide and show logic : Currently Bahmni do not support Hide and Show for person attribute. But it supports hide and show of the sections. So you can define contact number and sms language in a separate section and use Consent to hide and show this section. Use the below link :

  2. On your point #6 : You can rename the section using the “Translation key”. If not defined it defaults to “Additional Patient Information”

“title”: “New Section”,

“translationKey”: “New section”,

Thanks Ravider,

  1. On registration date: Ok, I see it’s there in the edit mode. Is it possible to make this editable? A use case could be that patient was actually registered earlier (on paper) and being entered into the system on some other date.
  2. Great, Thanks
  3. Okay, guess have to live with it for now
  4. I figured that out this morning, but really thank you

@wasim: For patients registered earlier (on paper) we provide patient upload functionality. Navigate to Admin->CSV upload-> Select Patient option. Choose the CSV file and upload them.

Link to help you with the CSV formats :