'Register a Patient' not rendering

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.10

Question: I am trying to build and run registrationapp module of openmrs locally. However when I open ‘Register a Patient’ functionality after logging in using Admin credentials on localhost, following error is displayed:

UI Framework Error
Root Error
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.openmrs.module.registrationapp.form.RegisterPatientFormBuilder.buildFormStructure(Lorg/openmrs/module/appframework/domain/AppDescriptor;Ljava/lang/Boolean;Lorg/openmrs/module/appframework/service/AppFrameworkService;Lorg/openmrs/module/appframework/context/AppContextModel;)Lorg/openmrs/module/registrationapp/model/NavigableFormStructure;
	at org.openmrs.module.registrationapp.page.controller.RegisterPatientPageController.addModelAttributes(RegisterPatientPageController.java:41)
	at org.openmrs.module.registrationapp.page.controller.RegisterPatientPageController.get(RegisterPatientPageController.java:37)

The initial setup successful and everything was working fine till I had put registrationapp module under watched repositories of the server.

which version of registrationapp module are you running

The version of registrationapp module is 2.10

Are you able to reproduce this with version 2.11.0 of the reference application?

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and you can easily install this using the sdk @aishwarya

No, it works fine in 2.11.0 version. Any particular reason why it might not be working in 2.10.0 version?