Regarding test case (GCI)

While i was executing test the link given in enviornment is not working and the wepage is showing it as that it does not exists.

I found the same problem… Had to abandon task to save time :frowning:

I’ve updated the wiki page and added new link. Hope this solves the problem :smile:

Here’s the correct link

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Hello thnks for this but there it is asking for an username and password on the link and when I use openmrs id and password it is showing incorrect please help

You don’t need to put your OpenMRS ID and password there, simply use:

username: admin

password: Admin123

Hope this solves the issue :slight_smile:


Thnks for your answer

thanks a lot!!

UPDATE: All the links in the wiki page are now updated to the latest ones, everything should work fine now


Thanks for it