Regarding GSoC 2017

Hello everyone, My name is Anirudh Sharma and I am a student of IIIT-H. I liked the “Project Patient Matching 2.0” and would like to contribute to it for my GSoC 2017. So it would be really helpful if someone will guide on how to start as a contributor.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @anirudh5 ,you may start by introducing yourself here : .

To get started with Openmrs please follow this link, it contains all you may need to know. .

I’d also like to mention that this post is not specifically related to gsoc so you may want to delete this one .This should be done so as to ensure that the gsoc category is used only for gsoc announcements and project discussions.


@reubenv The link is not working Please make sure to read this:- :slight_smile:


Thanks @jtatia :slight_smile: