Reff App UI Conventions and Best Practices


I’m working on mergepatientdata module. At some point, I would like to develop JS dialog boxes. Looking at the Reff App, if I’m not mistaken I realized most of the dialog boxes looked alike. So I’m asking is there any UI module you depend on. Or I implement my own customized dialog boxes.

cc @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa , @mksd

Here is an example gsp page you can follow -

I don’t see any JS dialog boxs defined there. Could I be missing something @ssmusoke?

I’m asking best practices of creating dialog boxes in Openmrs. Is there any dependent module, if so could you point me to an example

cc: @dkayiwa , @wyclif , @mksd

You could use UI Commons’ ngDialog. I have used it here in Attachments for instance.

Just search for “ngdialog” in that repo to get a sense of how it was used, but this is assuming that Angular is the MVC framework.

Thanks @mksd let me use angular.

@samuel34 Can you provide a sketch of what you are trying to do to help better understand the best approach?