Reff app build breaks on release!!

On releasing reff app, i run into ,according to the logs i get some complains about missing artifact for an already released version of legacyui,1.8.4 @dkayiwa @ibacher could you be having any work round on this?? cc @sharif

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Yes @dkayiwa promised us to either revert legacyui module or re -release that version which is breaking . thanks

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well @ibacher has also told me to re-check on bamboo for the legacy release

@herbert24 for the modules that you released and updated in the distro pom.xml, did their Bamboo CI release builds run to completion successfully?

well it looks like they didn’t, started going over again on this

@herbert24 did you report the ci release build failures anywhere on talk?

i have only noticed that they were actually not released on ci a few minutes back

@herbert24 so when you triggered the release on bamboo you did not check if it ended up green or red?

ohh i only checked the tags on github

@dkayiwa and am trying to re -trigger the releases now

The next time you do a release on bamboo, do not assume that the build succeeded until you see green.

well noted

@dkayiwa on trying to release again for example the calculation module i run into Cloning into 'target/distribution'...Already on 'master'[ERROR] Property ${b - could we need to first revert what exists on the GitHub tags for the modules which didn’t release well here Updating released versions by HerbertYiga · Pull Request #567 · openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication · GitHub

@dkayiwa a gentle request to help me delete the following tags calculation 1.3.1,uicommons 2.19.0,webservices 2.32.0,coreapps 1.34.0 and webservices 2.32.0

trying to fix a few breaking things with help of @dkayiwa cc @grace

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