Reference Application User Interface Module for 2.0

How do you go about using the Reference Application 2.5 modules having installed the platform correctly and the interface module not uploading despite having the module in the module folder.

Which interface module are you referring to? And in which exact folder did you put it?

I am upgrading form 1.11.6 to 2.0

I am of the opinion that if i use reference application 2.5 it comes with a user interface module.

I would like a new interface module and not the legacy UI.

Did you see the post i posted in OpenMRS?


I wanted to use Reference Application 2.5. I installed the platform war file 2.0

I uploaded the legacy interface module in the folder ./OpenMRS/modules but still no changes. The interface is as highlighted before.

For the referenceapplication, you would need to download and paste the referenceapplication modules into your modules folder, then restart tomcat. Did you see them on the downloads page?

Yes, i saw them on the download page. I copied them modules and downloaded with no luck.

What do you mean by no luck?

The user interface is not loading. the image still remains

Just incase it is a browser caching issue, what happens when you press CTRL + SHIFT + R from the browser address bar?