reference application module vs platform module

What is a reference application? what is the difference between the reference application module and a platform module?

Platform in OpenMRS terminology refers to OpenMRS Core and doesn’t have a UI, whereas When you mix platform plus a bunch of modules, you end up with a distribution! In SDK, that means the reference application distribution.

As far as Reference Application as a distribution is concerned, it consists of several other modules (bundled modules) working together to serve as EMR platform consuming the API implementation of OpenMRS Core .

Note: You may find the details about Reference Application and various bundled modules here .


Thanks @jwnasambu for that clarification. just to add a little.

form a technical view , a reference application module ,on addition of depending on the OpenMRS core API , it would also depend on the ui-framework ,app-framework ,ui-commons etc in simple terms it would depend on the reference application specific frameworks.

while a platform module would simply depend on the Openmrs core API , Web services and probably Fhir basicaly on the Platform .

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