Reference application build is red for 4 days

Verify modules available on home page:
"java.lang.AssertionError:  Expected: is <8>      but: was <9>
Expected: is <8>
     but: was <9> "

I’m not sure why there’s one more, but I guess it’s a legit failure.

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I see an extra app (formentry) which comes from the xforms module that is not supposed to be bundled. I have just removed it. Can you try again?

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Yey, green :slight_smile: Cheers

Thanks, @cintiadr for looking into this!

To all the /dev/4 and /dev/5 out there (plus everyone else), it’s everyone’s job to look into these issues. If you’re spending a significant chunk of your day on OpenMRS, then part of your daily routine should involve looking at and if there’s anything red, dealing with it, or at least complaining about it.

For example the “OpenMRS Core Standalone” project is red now:

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Turns out that build was broken because of the migration to maven 3 :smiley:

I reverted it to maven 2, and I will take a close look later. It doesn’t seem very simple.

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