Reference Application 2.9: Handing Redirection

This topic correlates to the Login Page Controller. Please see ‘’ in the reference application module 2.9.0 source.

An issue had been raised in the following ticket. Please see the ticket description in order to understand how to reproduce the issue.

While inspecting the ‘’ I made changes in ‘overrideLoginPage()’ method to temporarily fix the issue. Please see the Pull Request to see the changes.

However I noticed that in ‘get()’ method, code has already been written to handle redirection if the user is already authenticated. But it is not working as intended.

Can the people who’ve worked on the Reference Application module help me out on this matter?

@reubenv Any thoughts?

@dkayiwa , would you be able to help @rakshir out please?


@rakshir did you first of all succeed in reproducing the problem?

Yes I have. I have even solved the problem and have submitted the pull request.

My only singular question is that why did I have to write new code when the existing code that’s “supposed” to do the job is already there.

Hence I wanted to discuss the matter with people who originally wrote the code in the Login Controller.