Reference application 2.4

Hello all, From where I can download reference application 2.4 and associated modules . I can only find 2.5 on download page .

I always appreciate your help

@yadamz any specific reason why you are looking for 2.4 that 2.5 cannot fill for you?

I am using 1.11.5 Reference application 2.5 needs 2.0.2

Interestingly enough we r running 2.5 on 1.11.7

I would recommend using the SDK to setup a server for Reference Application 2.4

What Java/tomcat version do u have ?

You only need Java 7 and Mysql 5.5 or 5.6 installed. The SDK will create a server with its own embedded Tomcat instance

I tried 2.5 with 1.11.5 , Java 1.7 , tomcat 6 and it didn’t work … I feel like having tomcat will give more flexibility… not sure though … Do u know where are 2.4 modules located , well if any ?

@yadamz, if you go to and then you click on Older Releases you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Thanks very much @darius