Reference Application 2.12 Module Release Tracking: Deadline june 7th 2021

Hello Community , as we approach the Release of Reference Application 2.12 , I would like to announce 7th June 2021! as the Release Deadline for all the modules to be included for the release!

Below is a List of Modules and their corresponding current / SNAPSHOT versions. We therefore urge all module owners / maintainers to release new versions of their modules if they are ready to be released (or approve usage of the existing version/s) within this period so that we can strike the targeted release schedule by end of june.

Please see and update the wiki that tracks the module release. It would great to have all the modules released by 7th june 2021 so as we start off working with the infra team to deploy the latest version of each module to the test servers and we may have our release by the end of june. Thank you for your cooperation!

cc @sharif @jennifer @grace @mozzy @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


@herbert24 Thanks for putting this together! I think it’s important that we keep the RefApp release compatible with platform releases, so, to that end, e.g. FHIR,, module-owa and (if it’s to be included) module-spa should be excluded from the RefApp release, as they form part of the platform release.

@grace What do you think about including the OCL module in the RefApp?


Hey @ibacher i think ocl was added here and here

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@sharif You’re right! And that’s excellent! But surely we need to make sure that our release manager is tracking it too.

@herbert24 The next snapshot version of the openconceptlab module is 1.2.6-SNAPSHOT. We’ll definitely want to include the latest and greatest version.


Thanks for your clarification @ibacher

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@ibacher Why leave out the SPA again? Can’t we just have the login page only to provide a starting point for new adoption?

Since its interoperable with the GSPs, this would provide a seamless way to drive adoption for new feature development

a gentle reminder to all the module maintainers about releasing the new versions of modules by june 7th 2021

Thanks @ssmusoke for tracking out this, cc @ibacher , Are we leaving out spa module again ? question still pending thanks

Hello @herbert24 which platform version is referenceapplication 2.12.0 going to be running on , the current version being used is 2.4.0, are we planing to still run on same version because platform 2.5.0-snapshot is not yet stable cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @mksd

well it has to be 2.4.0 since we havent released 2.5 .0

Are we planning to have 2.5.0 released soon

We generally do one platform release a year, aimed at somewhat before the conference. RefApp 2.11 was released on platform 2.3.2 (IIRC), so RefApp 2.12 should be the first version release on platform 2.4.0 (not that 2.11 doesn’t work on 2.4.0, just that 2.4.0 isn’t part of the release).


Thanks @ibacher for clarification , its now easy to go ahead and release

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No… we’ll roll it into RefApp 2.12 and then into Platform 2.5, unless there are objections from the MF squad @jdick @bistenes.


hello every one,here is the list of the released modules so far

adminUi 1.5.0

allergyui 1.8.4

appointmentscheduling 1.14.0

appointmentschedulingui 1.10.0

appui 1.14.0

htmlformentry 4.0.1


legacyui 1.8.3

namephonetics 1.18.0

providermanagement 2.13.0

registrationcore 1.11.0

reporting 1.22.0

reportingcompatibility 2.0.8

reportingRest 1.12.0

uicommons 2.18.0

uiframework 3.21.0

cc @sharif @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5

And if there no objections,i would like to go on and release these modules too

attachments 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT @mksd

atlas 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT: @burke , @darius @alexis.duque , @wyclif @mvorobey

calculation 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT @wyclif , @darius @mseaton , @dkayiwa

coreapps 1.32.0-SNAPSHOT @cioan , @mogoodrich and @darius

dataexchange 1.3.7-SNAPSHOT @raff

event 2.9.0-SNAPSHOT @wyclif ,@raff ,@mogoodrich, @darius

fhir 1.21.0-SNAPSHOT @ibacher, @surangak

htmlformentryui 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT @mseaton ,@mogoodrich and @darius

metadatadeploy 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT @mseaton ,@Rowan Seymour, @mogoodrich

metadatamapping 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT @raff , @Mikko Suniala

metadatasharing 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT @raff ,@bryq,@mogoodrich, @darius

Open web apps 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT @sunbiz ,@raff and @dkayiwa

referenceapplication 2.12.0-SNAPSHOT Release manager (@herbert24 )

referencedemodata 1.4.7-SNAPSHOT Release manager (@herbert24 )

referencemetadata 2.12.0-SNAPSHOT Release manager (@herbert24 )

registrationcore 1.11.0-SNAPSHOT @wyclif and @mogoodrich

reportingui 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT @mseaton , @darius and @mogoodrich

uitestframework 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT @dkayiwa

uilibrary 2.0.7-SNAPSHOT @mogoodrich ,@darius and @Rowan seymour 2.31.0-SNAPSHOT @wyclif ,@darius , @dkayiwa , @raff @bwolfe

sysadmin 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @raff

SPA-module 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT: @dkayiwa,@burke @mseaton , @bistenes

Thanks @herbert24 can you try to specify the released module version and the former versions they had, could you also point us to the github link for someone to easily follow up forexample

  1. htmlformentry 4.0.1
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This is a good progress and may you be blessed till the end. Have you already created a Reference Application 2.12 Release Issue Tracking page on wiki? this page will not only make your work easy but also for the module maintainers for it will help you track any slight changes made. Just in case you haven’t this is a sample which you can edit to fit your release version.

thanks @jwnasambu it actually exists , let me update it and drop it here

its Release Notes 2.12 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki