Reference Application 2.11 Module Release Tracking: Deadline october 2020

Hello Community , as we approach the Release of Reference Application 2.11 , I would like to announce the Initial Release Deadline for all the modules to be included in this release as of 1st October 2020 !

Below is a List of Modules and their corresponding current / SNAPSHOT versions. We therefore urge all module owners / maintainers to release new versions of their modules if they are ready to be released (or approve usage of the existing version/s) within the next few weeks so we can strike the targeted release schedule by october.

Please see and update the wiki that tracks the module release. I would expect the module versions to be consolidated by 1st october 2020 so that I may work with the infra team to deploy the latest version of each module to the test servers and we may have our release by october. Thank you for your cooperation!

cc @jennifer @grace @dkayiwa @mozzy @tendomart


Don’t you want to give yourself time between this and the actual release? If you want to release by October, then your call for module developers to release should have a much earlier deadline.


True , i was thinking of targeting the end of september to have fully finished the updating,improving and releasing these versions because i guess there are other modules that are still undergoing WIP eg SPA module then we can start on testing on different servers by 9th oct probably 1month.Your suggestion or idea!

Instead of guessing, can you confirm that there exists modules which require a full month from now, before you can do the needful?


We actually waiting for the feedback from @bistenes to update us about the stability of SPA module probably this week ,which i think it wont take a full month according to last TAC meeting, And i hope its the only module that we still needs much more consideration .

Thanks @dkayiwa: currently i think besides SPA module , there is not any module that will require a full month unless otherwise

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thanks @sharif for great work .

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Thanks @sharif! I will try to review all modules with my name on it within the next two weeks.


Thanks @mogoodrich, ,i would be glad to release some modules if they are ready to be released and if you point me to some

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Great, thanks @sharif! I will likely take you up on that… will ping you and/or flag you on them when I do the reviews…

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Hi Sharif,

Just as a quick note, the version of the FHIR module used by the RefApp is derived from the Platform distribution, so unless we’re cutting a new release of the Platform, (2.3.2 or w/e), I don’t think we want to include any updates to the FHIR module in the new RefApp release. (In any case, the only real changes to the old FHIR module since 1.20.0 was to make it compatible with platform 2.4).

I think a similar caveat applies to module.

Otherwise, thanks for this comprehensive list!

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@ibacher ,Thanks for the feedback , So is it fine to release that version of Fhir module or you would love releasing it when its compatible with platform 2.4.0?

@sharif: For platform 2.4.0, we’ll be releasing (hopefully) FHIR2 1.0.0 and removing the FHIR module altogether.


Thanks for that , so we can leave it there for this release presumably

A Gentle reminder to module maintainers and module owners to check on this wiki page to confirm with module versions and confirm their release .thanks to @mogoodrich and others who’ve started on releasing these modules to bamboo So i would like to call up on module maintainers to start on releasing modules to bamboo

Lets also try to update this wiki page to track the release progress. FYI we plan to have our release before October this year if all goes as expected. thanks to @mogoodrich and others who have already started releasing the modules

Regards @sharif: Release Manager 2.11.0


Meanwhile for qa- testing with qa squad ,we are soon syncing up to initiate the testing sprint of ref-app irrespective of its current status, cc @k.joseph @christine

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Hey cc @mogoodrich ,Am requesting to release .

  1. metadatadeployVersion 1.12.0-SNAPSHOT

  2. metadatasharingVersion 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

  3. metadatamappingVersion 1.3.5-SNAPSHOT, Let me Know if you have more changes to bundle , i would want to release them because we seem to have made slight changes this reign of ref-app 2.10 thanks

cc @mogoodrich

Thanks @sharif… I’m still going though the list, doing a few releases at a time when I have a chance. I will look into doing these next.


Thanks , i will be glad for your feedback

Standalone build failure after the releasing of legacyui 1.7.0 here are the logs, this is due to liquibase exceptions and communication link failure. cc @dkayiwa @mozzy ,Need your help here, however building referenceapplication -distro running successfully