Reference Applicaiton JIRA Ticket -- Backlog to Ready


I am working on a team and we are looking to work on the JIRA ticket [RA-849] in the Reference Application module ( However, this issue is currently in the backlog. What would be the best way to get this to be “Ready for Work” for us to claim this issue? Any help and feedback is appreciated.



I believe this JIRA issue is a Test Case, not an actual set of code to be written.

You will want to look for issues whose issue type is Bug, New Features, Story, etc.

Sorry, this probably wasn’t clear, but we were specifically looking for a test case issue to work on. We would like to add the test cases described in the issue. The only code added would be for unit tests. Would this be okay to work on? If so, we would just like the issue to be “Ready for Work” so we can claim it.

@hallieh my understanding is that all of these Test issues represent (manual?) test cases within a larger testing suite. Automating these tests is not done via unit tests, but via automated functional tests using Selenium. See an example here:

(So if you’re specific looking to write unit tests, then you’re not going to find what you’re looking for in the Reference Application project in general.)

Okay, we will further look into this, thank you. Though we are having trouble finding a good Module for testing. Do you know of anything that may require further testing that we may assist with?

@hallieh do you find this interesting enough to start with?

We are aware that RA-849 is a a selenium test and we are okay with proceeding with it. We have looked into selenium testing and are confident in our ability to complete this ticket. With that being said, would someone be able to change the issue to “ready for work” so that we can begin working on it?

Also, thanks for the suggestion Daniel, we appreciate it, but I think we will be best moving forward with selenium tests so that we can improve our testing abilities.

@hallieh to be honest I don’t know how these test cases work or how they’re supposed to be organized in JIRA. For example the Add Location test I linked to earlier also seems to be listed as Backlog in JIRA:

Perhaps reading this page could help:

Also, I know that @tmueller used to work on this before, and he’s around these days, so maybe he can provide some insight.