Reference App and Module Library Compatibility

I am a newbie and so forgive any ignorance here. I am trying to follow an implementation path of using the current reference app (2.0.1 Build f2ddde) and then adding necessary modules with ideally minimum customization.

So far I have tried adding modules Tribe, Custom messages and ID Card and all fail on start with essentially the same error “Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘org.openmrs.module.idcards.IdcardsActivator’ Module: Id Cards”.

This suggests that the modules are not upwards compatible with the core of the reference app. Am I right? Is it just a question of time for them to catch up or something more fundamental? Could anyone advise a better implementation path given the problem?

@mafrica The Reference Application 2.5 runs on OpenMRS 2.x which may not be compatible with some modules that have not been migrated.

Can you try running them on Reference Application 2.4 which runs on 1.11.x

@mafrica i can immediately fix those modules to work on platform 2.x because i would like people to use our latest release instead of an older one. :slight_smile: Are you a developer such that if i made a commit for the fix you can compile for yourself? The ideal would be for me to just upload the compiled module to modulus but i do not have the permissions to do so. The other option would be to privately email you the compiled modules.

That is why i keep saying that our module store should have some form of permissions to allow some people to update any existing module!


@dkayiwa Thanks for pointing that out :clap: :clap:

Thanks for your quick and constructive responses. I am not an active developer, but given time I am sure that I could figure out how to do the compilation, but out of preference I would rather spend my time on testing and adapting, so could you send me complied modules?

@mafrica can you privately send me your email address?


Did you get the email address?

I thought i did and sent you the compiled module.

We are having similar issues with ID Cards and formentry modules. @dkayiwa do you know if this have been fixed? We are on platform 2.0.5