The CI build on this link is falling anyone with an idea kindly help to fix it. Thanks

This shows green.

What beats my understanding is it shows it was fixed at 2:35:57 PM at 5:30pm it indicated it had failed as much as when i follow the link it is fixed which is which? Kindly i need your advice it is not the first time getting contradicting results and what could be the way forward?

Flaky builds (results that flap between red and green without apparent reason) are just part of life. First thing we do when we see a weird red test is to rerun it, and observe.

Consistent red builds are good, usually easier to reproduce. Intermittent red (flaky build) is different, and it can be harder.

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Thanks @cintiadr i now understand what appeared to be a mystery. I really admire your zeal

@raff and @cintiadr i really appreciate your tireless efforts to ensure all CI build works but its absurd to let you know this CI build is still falling.