Ref App 2.6 Home button redirects to static REST page

Application Name: OpenMRS Referenca Application 2.6 Tomcat7, OpenJDK-8, OpenMRS platform 2.0.5

Question: Every time I click the home button in the reference application, it doesn’t redirect to the home screen in the reference application. Instead, it redirects to the static page at /openmrs/index.htm when you don’t have a UI installed “If you are seeing this page, it emans that the OpenMRS Platform is running successfully, but no user interface is installed.” Did something change in the UI framework from Ref App 2.5 to 2.6? Should I upgrade to tomcat 8?

Thanks, Craig

To give more information, I see a warning in my log:

WARN - SimpleUrlHandlerMapping.registerHandlers(115) |2017-05-15 11:45:56,386| Neither ‘urlMap’ nor ‘mappings’ set on SimpleUrlHandlerMapping

While at /openmrs/index.htm, press CTRL + SHIFT + R from your address bar and tell us what happens.

Thanks Daniel, that did it! It looks like the page was being cached in my browser and the hard reset fixed it.