Redirected back to HOME page from Patient Dashboard

I have created a role named as Nurse. It has some roles based on requirements. When I login with role nurse and open a patient record. The patient dashboard is loaded to some extend but it automatically redirected back to Home page.

If it is a role issue then that specific section should be hidden but it should not be redirected back to home page.

You can check it here Admin user: Admin password: Admin123 User with nurse role: Tuser password: Tuser123

Are you able to reproduce this at?

Most of the pre-defined roles has All-Privileges.

Here I have created a role known as Nurse with following user in Username: Tuser password: Tuser123

I want this role to do following tasks,

  • View Patients
  • Register Patients
  • View Patient Dashboard
  • View Patient Visits
  • Capture Vitals
  • Edit the Vitals
  • End visit
  • Start visit
  • Edit Patient relationships
  • Add Allergy